Japanese Tokoname ceramic teapot

The Japanese Tokoname ceramic 350 ml teapot is a special model handmade by Japanese artisans, used for the preparation of green teas.



The Japanese Tokoname ceramic teapot is a special model handmade by Japanese artisans, used for the preparation of green teas.

This type of teapot is provided with a fine mesh filter at the mouth of the spout, to prevent the tea leaves from being poured together with the liquid. We have six different Tokoname teapot models available, in different colors and capacities.

We would like to warn you that the capacity may not be exactly as indicated because the teapots are handmade and the measurements may slightly

History of Tokoname teapots

Among the six ancient Japanese kilns (Seto, Shigaraki, Echizen, Tanba, Bizen and Tokoname), it is said that Tokoname is the largest and the oldest. Today, while many teapots are made with molds, these teapots are the first examples of craftsmanship.
It is said that tea produced in ceramic teapots has a sweeter and mellower taste. This fact, combined with superb craftsmanship and design, makes Tokoname teapots appreciated by lovers of Japanese green tea. Tokoname teapots are recognized as the best in Japan, just as the Yixing teapots are recognized in China.


  • Origin: Japan

  • Instants: Prepare


  • Material: Tokoname clay


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