Glass teapot with pressure filter 500 ml

Una pratica? teiera in vetro? dotata di filtro interno e bottone a pressione, adatta per la preparazione del tè per circa 2 persone. Ideale da usare con qualsiasi tipo di tè sfuso o bustine di tè.



A glass teapot with a inner filter working with a press button, suitable for around 2 persons. Ideal to use with any loose leaf tea or tea bags. By pushing the red button on the teapot lid, the teapot strainer doesn't allow even the finest leaf particles to escape into your cup, and steeping water flows freely through the infuser. The teapot strainer will completely locks the tea infusion during steeping; And also, will effectively separate your tea liquid from tea leaf once you press the button, so that your brew doesn't oversteep or produce a bitter taste. The fine-mesh and plastic in-cup steeping basket allows more water flow than other infusers, while more effectively keeping tea particles from escaping into the teapot. Even the bottom of the basket has mesh (most steepers don't offer this design), which further helps circulation. The teapot steeping basket is composed of 4 removable parts: a fine mesh, a silicone gasket, a basket with lid and a plastic sieve. Unlike other teapot strainer which is difficult to clean with, our strainer can be disassemble for thorough cleanup. Our Easy-to-Filter Glass Teapot Series adopts thickened borosilicate glass, which can resist temperate change from -20° to 120°.


  • Origin: China

  • Instants: Prepare


  • Material: Glass


  • Quantity

    500 ml

  • Dimension

    10 x 13.5 x 13.5 cm


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