Matcha 20 stick- Japanese Ceremonial grade Organic

Practical single-dose sticks of Japanese Matcha Ceremonial Grade Organic Tea. Inside the pack there are 20 single-dose sticks you can always take with you.

easy to open and ready to be brew, in the office break or during the training at the gym. the beverage will have a vegetal flavor followed by a sweet persistent aftertaste.




The matcha san grams it’s a smart union of different camelia’s cultivar from Japan which allows us to obtain a rich and intense taste without using necessarily the traditional preparazione. The useful format of this single-dose matcha, in fact, it’s easy to take along with all day and be ready to use in a lot of different moments like the breakfast time, in the office or in the afternoon for an extra charge.

The cultivar involved in this matcha blend are:




These camelia varieties, despite they are quite common, together they create a particular result with a strong vegetal flavor followed by a sapid taste which will persist for a long time in the mouth after liquor was finished.

The idea of this blend was developed by the Marumatsu Tea Co. company which has behind a lot of experience and a great history. These elments surely effected the production of this tea blend.

You can know more about the Marumatsu Tea Co. history on our blog!

Brewing instruction: This cerimonial grade matcha can be prepared in the traditional way whisking a sachet of product with few water using the bamboo whisker or it could be prepare faster and in a more practice way for every occasion.For the practice method you can use the single-dose of two grams per four hundred ml of water and then you only have to shake the solution so you will obtain a proper fusion between the two elements ready to drink.


  • Weight

    2 gr

  • Temperature


  • Infusion

    traditional brew, fast brew


  • Caffeine

    Caffeine high


  • Packaging: Sachet

  • Origin: Japan


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