Sheng (raw) puer tea Bing Dao 2017 357g

Puer Sheng Bing Dao 357g

Bing Dao puer sheng tea 357g, Yunnan, ancient trees

Harvest of 2008, put on sale in 2017. Excellent cake, well aged with balanced aroma.




The leaves of this puer come from Bulang area in the south of China. In order to understand deeply the puer teas we have to take a better look to the area where these materials come from because usually the place of origin gives also the name to the tea. Here we are in the south of Yunnan (a famous region for puer productions) in the independent prefecture of Xishuangbanna. Here, in a factory in the Mengku area, was produced this cake in 2018. These information can tell us a lot about the production of the tea especially we could notice it comes from a factory so there is a precise recipe behind it. During the tasting session of this sheng puer you can feel an oily feature, either in the taste and the texture, capable of mixing, sip after sip, with the vegetal flavor of this tea. Like in other raw puer also here you can taste the typical vegetal and slightly sweet features which persist in the mouth for long time but, in addition, you'll find a particular refreshing characteristic. This cooling effect, usually, is a feature present in already quite aged puer but here you can have a preview of it capable of exalting the most young vegetal taste of this product.


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