Japanese green tea Ohsumi Yuzu 6 bags

Clear taste of Green Tea and relaxing citrus flavor with Yuzu   6 Bags

With our green tea leaves grown with a lot of sunlight in the full of nature land Kagoshima, we blend it with Yuzu peel also grown with a lot of sunlight in Kagoshima . It can give you clear taste of green tea and fresh flavor of Yuzu without any flavoring agent. The flavor and taste will make you relax and provide you precious time.

Preparation : You can also enjoy it with sparkling water and ice cube in cold brewing, or in lhot with 70 C water in mug or teapot. 




The effervescent green tea with Yuzu, a very particular citrus fruit of Asian origin, comes from the cultivars of Yutakamidori and Saemidor in Japan.

It is very easy to prepare: you infuse a sachet with a little hot water (for 30seconds), add sparkling water and serve it with some ice cubes. The flavor is balanced between the freshness of green tea and the citrusy flavor of Yuzu.

Yuzu citron is one of the most popular citrus-fruits in Japan used for multiple Japanese foods as a spice, seasonings and fresh essence. It has quite unique and super rich aroma which are very different from other citrus family such as lemon, orange, grapefruit, or lime. Fresh fruity aroma and its bitterness nicely match with our selected teas. Enjoy the refreshing tea time for your early morning, long work time, and night after work. Well balanced of its taste for gourmet and for health purpose. 


  • Origin: Japan



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