Japanese Oolong tea Ohsumi ginger 6 bags




This tea is produced and cured by a Japanese company called TEAET which wants to promote a particular selection of leaves from its country in practical tea bags. Among these special teas there is this Oolong mixed with ginger crumbs. Usually it’s not easy to find an herb or a root with a taste capable of being paired with the ones from tea leaves, and, more then this, it’s quite hard to find the right proportion with the new element to get a balanced taste in the cup. In this specific case, however, the pairing made by the oolong and the ginger works really good and, because the product is divided in singularly cured tea begs, you can have every time the right quantity of the two elements for your tea. TEAET specifically studied a blend of camelia’s cultivar made of Benifuki and Yutaka varietals in order to bring the West a different semi-oxidized tea compared to the most know ones from China.

The flavor profile of this infuse impacts immediately the palate with its ginger flavor mostly characterized by a good sweetness and a delicate sourness. After this beginning it doesn’t come out the spicy part of the ginger but, instead, it appears the oolong that, with it higher oxidation, gives a tannic feeling in the back part of your tongue. In the end the aftertaste will have a perfect balance between the the two elements of this blend because the ginger will continue to persiste on the palate without covering the oolong taste which, instead, will control the sweetness of the infuse with its deep tannic taste.

Place of origin

Kagoshima, Japan


After the harvest the leaves wither under the sunlight for a certain period of time before going on bamboo trays indoor. Here it's where the oxidation process begin thanks to the tea master who rolled the tea leaves on the trays. When the leaves have the desire oxidation level (here there is an oxidation level around the 70%) the leaves go into an oven heated up by coal where the enzymes related to the oxidation process are deactivated. After this phase the leaves are mechanical rolled in their final form before going into a series of roasting period where the product is dried a bit more and consolidate its flavors. In the end the leaves are mixed with crumbs of dried ginger following a precise ratio. 


In order to fully appreciate this tea in it’s tea bag format we suggest you to take a mug of around 200 ml, putting the product inside and pour some water at a temperature of 90°C directly on the leaves.

Let the tea beg steeping for 60 seconds and then the infuse will be ready to taste.

This tea could be infuse a second time with a steeping time of 90 seconds.

Our recommended steeping time could be modify on your personal preferences.

We recommend you to store this tea in a dry and cool place avoiding the direct sun light on the leaves.


  • Temperature


  • Infusion



  • Mug

    1 tea bag / 200ml / 60-90 sec


  • Oxidation


  • Caffeine

    Caffeine middle


  • Origin: Japan

  • Taste: Spicy/sweet

  • Instants: Drink



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