Ru Porcelain tea set green with tray 4 pcs

Un bellissimo set? in porcellana Ru verde composto da una teiera, due tazze e un vassoio di servizio.? 



The Ru kiln was foremost among the five great kiln centers of the Song dynasty. Ru porcelain is famed for the thinness and purity of its clay bodies, the fine workmanship in shaping, and the pure sky-blue color of its glaze. The latter was praised in the classic phrase, like the blue of the sky in a clearing amongst the clouds after rain.The glaze surface always featured very fine, complex crackelure that suggested fish scales or the fine cracks in ice. In our assortment are presented few shadows of Ru ceramic colors. The glaze and characteristic crackle cracks that darken after wild when brewing tea , appears due to the multilayer glaze and the complex technology called "krakle", cracks that give the products a special touch of antiquity, the color of antiquity and the trace of time. In the production of Zhu Yao there are used high-temperature roasting and a special glaze, only Zhu Yao glaze with the addition of iron oxide in the glaze or in the clay, so that the dishes acquire a greenish-blue, cream shade and a special luster. Zhu Yao's products are very dense, with thick walls, rounded and smooth. Such dishes are often compared with jade - the color of the glaze varies from light green or pale blue (the color of lake water) to greenish (the color of green plum and green jade), dark green or gray-blue (the color of a stormy sky).


  • Material: Ru Porcelain


  • Dimension

    33.5 x 19.2 x 10.2 cm


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