Purion clay tea set Literati Lin's Ceramics Studio 5 pcs

Il? Set in creta Purion Literati Lin's Ceramic Studio? realizzato a mano è un nuovo progetto di accessori da tè in creta Purion per condividere il tè con gli amici o con la famiglia.
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The Easy Steep handmade set is a new design of Purion pottery teaware to share tea with your friends and family. Easy Steep teapot makes brewing tea simple and enjoyable, A woven collar around the neck of the pot makes it easy to handle, even when hot. This particular Purion Gift hand made set presents to the eye, at first glance, unglazed expression. It has a pebbly, studded appearance, a number of variations in texture. The Purion material is made from natural mineral ore and clay. It took over ten years of research to develop the Purion formula. Set is designed to enhance the flavour of tea. High-temperature firing gives Purion its simple, straightforward feel. Underneath this complex of variations in texture and style, it is studded with marks left by the potter«s hands. Rich in minerals and crystals, the clay for each Purion ware undergoes high-temperature oxidation, resulting in a finished work that has the appearance of porphyrite, a quality which makes tea brewed in Purion both smooth and rich. Purion is best suited for brewing heavily-fermented and fully-fermented teas, such as Iron Goddess, Dianhong, Heavily-Fired Oolongs, Aged Tea, and Pu-Erh. This set is the perfect choice for collectors of limited edition tea ware. Each piece is unique, quantity is limit.


  • Weight

    1530 g

  • Dimension

    36.5 x 28 x 12 cm


  • Material: Purion clay


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