Green tea Shizuoka Sencha Kura

Spring Sencha from Kakugawa, Japan. Fresh and vegetal aroma, with soft umami aftertaste. 




Sencha green tea is from Kakegawa, Japan . It is medium steamed. Harvest is in the beginning of may 2020. The tea cultivar is from Yabukita variety tea plant which is very rare to be sold as single cultivar. This Sencha have deep green color of rolled leaves and light green and clean color of infusion, that is slightly sweet, with a refreshing aroma and pumpkin seeds taste at the end. This means high concentration of L-Theanine. This compound intensifies the umami taste in tea and also light sweetness in the aftertaste.

Grown in the mountains and harvested at the beginning of the season, the leaves have not been exposed to much sunlight and have thus grown slowly, which has made this a very delicate Sencha, with a full flavor, with a long and sweet umami aftertaste.

The Fukamushi process (steaming for a longer time at a higher temperature) breaks the cells of the leaves and brings out all its aroma and flavor.

The leaves are thus finer, dissolving to some extent in the cup.

This will allow you to consume more tea (antioxidants and nutrients) per cup.

Yabukita Sencha Kura is also excellent for making cold green tea.



The amount of Yabukita Sencha Kura to be used is around 2 g. for every 100 cl. (the average capacity of 1 tea cup). Considering that a Kyusu has a capacity starting from 300 cl., The average quantity for each use is around 6 g.

As for the temperature of the water at the time of infusion, the recommended one is about 65-70 ° C.

The infusion time is from 3 minutes, which can be repeated several times thanks to the high quality of this Sencha.

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  • Temperature



  • Teapot

    Kyusu, Tokoname


  • Caffeine

    Caffeine high


  • Origin: Japan

  • Processing: Steamed


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