Shincha Kirisakura organic green tea 50g

The organic Shincha Kirisakura green tea is make with the first spring harvest in Japan and, for that reason, it reveals an intense vegetal and sweet flavor in the cup.




The shincha or "New tea" represent the first spring picked leaves and so the more tasty and cured. The reason why this tea is so full of flavors is because the plant moved all its energies and substances stored during the Winter in that first young leaves. This tea is very rich in the mouth and shows immediately its potent fresh grass flavor with a delicate fruit sweetness which will persist for a long time on the palate. Besides these two characteristics flavors it could be also felt the umami sensation that is a common feature in the Japanese green tea with its glutamate flavor and make and its capability of make the body of the beverage more structured. In the vegetal flavor It's also possible to detect some sea air touch due to the fact that the plantations where this tea come from are located on a hill (at 300 meters on the sea level) near to the Japanese coasts where winds full of saltiness usually blow. 

Place of origin

Kagoshima, Japan.


This tea is produced in the classic Japanese style. The leaves after the picking phase pass through a brief withering phase and then they are steamed at a very high temperature for 15/20 seconds. This practice provides the "killing of the green" which stands for the deactivation of the enzymes responsible of the oxidation process. The leaves are now rolled for released all their flavors and then they are dried with hot air to be ready to infuse.

Ingredients: organic green tea.


Put 4 grams of leaves (about two teaspoon) in the Japanese teapot called kyusu or if you don't have one you could use another teapot preferably with a wide flat bottom.

Pour 100 ml of water at 60°C temperature on the leaves and after 40 seconds start pouring the tea into the cups. For a better tasting experience we recommend to do two more infusions of the leaves with the same values of temperature and quantity but using different infusion time. We suggest 1 minute for the second infusion and 1 minute and 20 seconds for the third.

The tea could be filtered if you want to avoid some little piece of the leaves during the tasting time and also the steeping time we recommend here could be modify on your personal preferences.

Because we are talking about a Japanese green tea we invite you to cold brew your leaves before using the hot water on their. For this particular kind of infusion you could use the same amount of leaves, the same amount of water at room or cold temperature and a steeping time of 10 minutes.

Discover all the benefits of green tea.

Storage: we recommend you to store this tea in a dry and cool place avoiding the direct sun light on the leaves.


  • Temperature


  • Infusion



  • Teapot

    4g-100ml / 40-60-80 sec / 3 infusions


  • Oxidation


  • Caffeine

    Caffeine high


  • Origin: Japan

  • Taste: Vegetal/sweet

  • Instants: Drink


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