Snow Bud green tea 50g

Snow Bud green tea 50g is harvested in early spring. The shoots are carefully hand rolled. Fresh, soft, aromatic and elegant.




The Snow Bud is a green tea entirely made of gems harvested and processed in the Chinese region of Yunnan. The choice of working only with the tender leaves on the top of every branches wants to exalt the high concentration of flavors in these young part of the plant. The producer, with the same purpose, decided to process his tea simply using the same techniques applied in green tea production. Following this way it's also easier to preserve the freshness and young feature in these leaves.

The snow bud as we said is a green tea which, because of its shape can also remember a white tea and, actually, there is a link between these two categories in it. The moment where you can acknowledge this connection is the tasting time because there you can definitely feel some flavors typic of white teas. First at all, on the palate, you can taste a quite persistent and fresh floral scent followed by some vegetal notes that spread on the side of the mouth. After some sips you can also start to appreciate a sweet flavor similar to honey and sometime a bit fruity. This flavor will increase its intensity through all the tasting time till becoming the main actor in your mouth and it will also develop quite a strong persistency.

Place of origin

Yunnan, China


This green tea has a kind of classic processing so, after a brief withering phase outdoor, the tea leaves are backed in big woks which were heated up at about 180°C in order to stop the enzymes activity and so prevent the oxidation. After these processes the leaves are shaped in their classic flat form and then they could rest until they lost all their left humidity.


We invite you to brew this tea in the traditional Chinese style (gong fu cha) in order to extract more from your leaves. Following this preparation you could use 4 grams of leaves (about 2 teaspoons) in a gaiwan of 100 ml so you can obtains more infusions with different flavors. After a brief rinse of the leaves in a 85°C water you can go with a first infusion of 15 seconds and, after that, at the same water temperature, you can do multiple infusion adding 5 seconds every steeping time (15 - 20 - 25...)

This leaves could be steep about 8 times.

To prepare the tea in the western style we suggest 2 grams of leaves (about 1 teaspoons) in a 150 ml cup with 85°C water for a steeping time of one minute and an half.

The tea could be filtered if you want to avoid some little piece of the leaves during the tasting time and also the steeping time we recommend here could be modify on your personal preferences.

We recommend you to store this tea in a dry and cool place avoiding the direct sun light on the leaves.


  • Temperature


  • Infusion



  • Gaiwan

    4g-100ml / 15-20-25... sec / 8 infusions

  • Mug

    2g-150ml / 90... sec / 2 infusions


  • Oxidation


  • Caffeine

    Caffeine high


  • Origin: China

  • Taste: Vegetal/sweet

  • Instants: Drink


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