Tea cups Silk Road Lin's Ceramic Studio 60 ml 2 pcs

Tea cups Silk Road Lin's Ceramic Studio 60 ml 2 pcs: all the accessories can be combined with the related cups, to create a nice and original tea set.

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Silk Road series created in different materials and colours. Each teapot of this series can be combined with the related cups, to create a nice and original tea set. Series Silk way came forth of our love for cultural diversity. The Tea set blends Chinese tea culture with western esthetic and requirements. The biggest differences between these two tea cultures are the refinement (in Asia the tea culture has a refinement comparable with European wine culture or even surpassing that) and the size of the vessels (Asians drink tea differently, they pour more often, Europeans brew larger pots and drink from bigger cups). We bridged these differences to produce a tea set for our client (LinÕs Ceramics Studio of Taiwan) which will be equally available in Europe and in Asia.


The Silk way Tea Set consists of a large teapot, two teacups and a tea stand, making it a tea set conforming to Western afternoon tea custom and contemporary lifestyle.

Functionality: Caters to the Western custom of brewing tea in a large teapot, and blends in the elegant culture of enjoying Chinese tea in small teacups.

Aesthetics: Sophisticated European lines emanate from within the rounded, rich Eastern aesthetics. The perfect pot for the perfect tea.

Teas of different degrees of fermentation are better suited for different pots. The perfect pot can brew a tea with a perfect mouth feel.

Porcelain, a quick conductor of heat, prevents overcooking of delicate tea leaves. It is best suited for brewing lightly-fermented or non-fermented teas, such as White Tea, Green Tea, Long Jing, Pouchong, and Taiwan High Mountain Tea.


  • Material: Various


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    60 ml


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