Yixing clay tea cups 100 ml 2 pcs

Yixing Zisha Tea Cups - made with a particular Chinese clay called Yixing, perfect for the infusion of Oolong tea and red tea.



Yixing zisha tea cups in the Typical Chinese Zisha style. Yixing teaware, called Zi Sha Hu in China or Purple Sand teaware, are perhaps the most famous teaware. They are named for a tiny city located in Jiangsu Province, where a specific compound of iron ore results in the unique coloration of these teaware. They were fired without a glaze and were used to steep specific types of Oolong teas. Because of the porous nature of the clay, the teaware would gradually be tempered by using it for brewing one kind of tea. This seasoning was part of the reason to use Yixing teaware. In addition, artisans created fanciful pots incorporating animal shapes.

Yixing teaware are meant for use with black and Oolong teas, as well as aged Puer tea. They can also be used for green or white tea, but the water must be allowed to cool to around 85 °C (185 °F) before pouring the water into the Teaware. Yixing Teaware absorb a tiny amount of tea into the Teaware during brewing. After prolonged use, the Teaware will develop a coating that retains the flavour and colour of the tea. It is for this reason that soap should not be used to clean Yixing teaware. Instead, it should be rinsed with fresh water and allowed to air-dry. A studious tea connoisseur will only steep one type of tea in a particular teaware, so as not to corrupt the flavour that has been absorbed.

Yi Xing, the city in east China, is famous for its purple clay teaware. Teaware carries numerous characteristics like various types, exquisite design, perfect hand-carved patterns. On the other word, pottery teaware is the typical symbol when it comes to Yi Xing, and has been renowned for decades.


  • Material: Yixing clay


  • Instants: Serve


  • Quantity

    100 ml

  • Dimension

    Single cup: Ø 6.3 x 5 cm


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