TEASOUL gives the opportunity to buy wholesale all its products

Bars, restaurants, shops and commercial activities can take advantage of the supply of high quality tea, blends, infusions and accessories with a price list dedicated to them.

Becoming part of Teasoul’s network is very easy: send an email from the contact form to receive your login credentials.

You can order directly from the online shop, in total autonomy, in two ways:

– If you already know the qualities of each product, you can quickly proceed from the FAST ORDER area with your checkout.

– If you’d like to have more information about the products you can check out the website and add them to your cart once finished reading

Why buy wholesale on TEASOUL website

We offer a wide selection of teas, blends, infusions and accessories carefully selected from the best suppliers in the world. All our products are a guarantee of success with all your customers. Wholesale prices allow you to have a great quality at a low price.