We offer various kinds of collaboration.
If you are presenting Hotel, Restaurant or Tea shop, send us email request ta info@teasoul.net.
We will try to do our best to help completely fulfill your needs. 

Collaborations as

Hotel / Restaurant

Become our partner and you will get

Assistance to choose best tea
No minimum order
Training Tea courses
Discount program
Tea Menu Customization
Gun Fu Tea Ceremony

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If you’re a popular blogger and run your blog regularly for a long time and if it’s really interesting and you have developed a loyal audience, if daily you have more than 500+ visitors, all this is very cool!

We will send you for free a parcel with our tea. By your side you should write a post about our project and your opinion about the quality of tea. We like to send parcels . And also we like very much l to get feedbacks about us. So you will drink delicious tea, while your readers will learn something that goes beyond the ordinary.

Questions of this unusual “product placement” should be discussed with me personally at: info@teasoul.net. It’s simple. And it’s interesting. But your blog should be really popular and cool.

What if you don’t have a popular blog? Tell that to someone who have. And become a partner :)