Make your wedding day unforgettable, a special occasion or an anniversary! Choose Tea soul for the cadeaux and the favors to donate to your guests: you will surprise them as only refinement, the grace and elegance of tea can do!

Teiera in vetro

Glass teapot 500ml + Blooming tea with flowers + 60ml glass cups

Gaiwan in porcellana

Porcelain Gaiwan 180ml + Oolong Tea

Thermos in vetro

Glass thermos 450ml + green tea

Contenitore in porcellana

Porcelain container 30g + 40ml porcelain cups

In the images you just saw we show you only some examples of wedding favors that we have designed for you; you can free your imagination and compose the sets you prefer: we will try in every way to satisfy your every particular need.

Fill out the form below with your request, indicating the type of ceremony, your tastes, your expectations and preferences. We will be happy to study a package tailored to you and follow you step by step in your choice.

Note: Tea Soul does not internally organize the specific packaging, but can rely on third parties and provide a quote if you wish. Tea Soul will be happy to offer you its best offer for your favors only if you order over 30 pieces.

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