Farmer Brewing Style

2020-06-12 16:45:24 - About Tea

Farmer Brewing Style

The farmer style is a popular brewing method in China because it is made of really easy and simple steps. For this preparation, in fact, you just need to put a little quantity of tea leaves in a mug and pour some hot water on their. After some minutes the fully hydrate leaves start to move down to the bottom of the cup allowing you to sip the infuse rich of flavor. At this point, usually, the Chinese people drink half of their cup so they could dilute with more hot water the remaining concentrate infuse and extend the duration of their tea time.

This brewing method is quite similar to western brewing style with the differences that the leaves stay always in the water and you can recharge your cup many times in order to have a longer tasting experience. These two brewing method have also an important similarity regarding the ratio of leaves per water quantity. Also for the farmer style, in fact, is good to use around one gram of tea per 100ml of water. This rule provides an equilibrate flavor extraction that gives to the infuse an intense taste without the presence of an unpleasant bitterness.

Usually for the farmer style is recommended to brew green teas with water at a temperature below the boiling one. Following these approach you can obtain a cup of tea with a refreshing vegetal taste easy to enjoy even in the summer time. Obviously this brewing method like the other we showed to you here in the blog or in our YouTube videos can be customized according to your taste. Especially we also invite you to try infusing white, yellow and red teas.

In order to obtain a refreshing and pleasant summer tea we suggest to you our double layer glass cup paired with the leaves of the taiping houkui green tea. Thanks to the double layer of the glass cup you can grab the item early without feel the heat on your hand while watching the big leaves of this tea open up in the water. The taiping houkui, besides of its fresh and sweet vegetal taste, has a shape that help you to easily sip the infuse for a long time without getting the leaves in your mouth. 

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