Dragon Boat festival, a chinese Public Holiday

2020-06-23 11:00:00 - Tea Legend

Dragon Boat festival, a chinese Public Holiday

Famous for tea but not only, our Asian friends, have countless traditions and superstitions. 

One of these is  maybe originating from dragon worship. An event on the sporting calendar; and a day of remembrance for Qu Yuan.

The teak wooden motor boats are modeled and decorated, with the front end shaped like open-mouthed dragons, and the back end with a scaly tail. They usually have brightly colored designs and a length of about 20-35 meters. The boat can have up to 80 people to paddle it.

The memorial of life and death

The festival commemorates the life and death of the famous Chinese poet Qu Yuan, exiled by conspiracy. He composed poems to express anger and sorrow toward his sovereign and his people.

Qu Yuan drowned himself by attaching a heavy stone to his chest and jumping into the Miluo River in 278 BCE at the age of 61. The people of Chu tried to save him believing that Qu Yuan was an honorable man.

A great competition

During the races, dragon boat teams paddle harmoniously and hurriedly, accompanied by the sound of beating drums. It is said that the winning team will have good luck and a happy life in the following year.

The traditional customs

The typical food linked to this competition is called Zongzi. The zong zi is a glutinous rice ball with a filling and wrapped in corn leaves. The fillings can be egg, beans, dates, fruits, sweet potato, walnuts, mushrooms, meat, or a combination of them. They are generally steamed. Traditionally, cooked rice is accompanied with hsiung huang wine.

If you're not a wine lover but want to recreate this Chinese ceremony at home, we recommend you taste the rice rolls with the Red Black Dragon tea.

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