Kettle and adjustable stove set Lin's Ceramics Studio

Il set bollitore e fornello regolabile Lin's Ceramics Studio è un set creato per l'ebollizione dell'acqua per il tè secondo l'antica tradizione orientale.




An amazing Kettle Set VIII with windproof gas stove created to enhance heating performance and high-class tea tasting. Adopting the classical look, it became a representation of oriental style way to prepare water for tea. Full round lines from the large body of the kettle; the steam escapes from the small pinholes on the body; the high neck has a slight bend, making it easy to pour. A special blend of clays was used in this piece that softens water boiled in it; and it works on a variety of burners electric, gas, coal, or propane. This Kettle Set already becomes a symbol of the tea ceremony.


Instructions for gas stove:

Step 1. fill in the gas

1. Ensure gas is off while refilling. Keep away from fire. Refill in a ventilated place. Use high quality butane gas.

2. When refilling the gas, place the can upside down. Place the gas can into the gas head directly. Don't touch the kept, ignition head, ignition needle, and outer cover.

3. If gas spills while refilling, it means the tank is full. Stop refilling.

4. Let it sit for 2 - 3 minutes after refilling. After the gas becomes stable, you can ignite the stove for use.

5. The fire is highly stable, and can least for 2 hours. Refill 100 grams +/- 10 grams.

6. When the gas has just finished burning, due to the remaining gas, refilling will be difficult. Avoiding using the stove for 10 20 minutes until I it has cooled down. Then, you can refill the gas. Be careful to avoid burning yourself.

Step 2. ignition

1. Turn the ignition knob counter-clockwise to the bottom. When you hear the click sound, it means ignition is completed. Then, adjust the fire in accordance with your needs.

2. If ignition fails, repeat the previous move until it ignition.

3. If you can't ignite the fire, please check the gas level

Step 3. adjust the fire

1. If you want to turn up the fire, turn the hob counter clockwise. 2. If you want to turn down the fire, turn the knob clockwise.

Step 4. turn off the fire

if you want to turn off the fire, turn the knob clockwise to the bottom.

-after turning off the fire, don't touch the jet, ignition needle, or outer cover to avoid burning yourself.

-after turning off th fire don't refill any gas or move this product to avoid burning yourself or other hazards. Wait until it has cooled down to move it away.


  • Material: Ceramic


  • Instants: Prepare


  • Quantity

    1700 ml

  • Dimension

    19.7 x 16.9 x 13.4 cm


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